Install of a 3-ton 13 SEER Cooling System due to theft

Air Conditioning UnitA common problem for many homes that are left standing empty these days is the theft of their air conditioners, and copper wiring. Whether a house is left sitting because one had to move, the house is foreclosed on, or the owners are on a long vacation, this provides opportunity for thieves to steal.

We installed a 3-ton 13 Seer Cooling system with a 80% gas heating furnace due to theft of the entire heating/cooling system both indoors and outdoors. After such an unfortunate situation, we were able to give the owners peace-of-mind knowing they have an efficient new air conditioner and gas furnace.

If this has happened to you, or you would simply like us to provide an estimate of what a new system would cost for your home, we will be happy to consult with you. Even if you are in need of maintenance or repair, we are available. Please contact us by clicking on our contact form, or call.

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