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We repair all major brands of heating and air conditioning systems. We have local expertise you can trust!

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Expert Care

We provide professional residential and commercial air conditioning installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance of all HVAC systems in Pensacola. We provide expertise with solutions for your home heating and cooling needs. You can trust us to provide expert services.

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Air Conditioning

Bringing comfort to your home is our top priority. From central air conditioning systems to heat pumps and air filters, MekTek Corp is dedicated to improving your quality of life. We install and specialize in York systems, but will service, repair, and install Rheem and many other name brands you are familiar with.

Florida weather can be enjoyed in comfort when your air conditioner is running as efficently as possible. We make sure you have someone available to help


Even in a relatively mild climate such as the one we live in here in Pensacola, Florida, the nights can get cold, and it is best to know your system was installed professionally by a certified HVAC contactors like MekTek with experienced technicians. Be comfortable knowing your HVAC system was installed with the expertise you deserve.

Have you had your heating system evaluated recently? Need a repair or replacement? Call us! We can help.


Install of a 3-ton 13 SEER Cooling System due to theft

A common problem for many homes that are left standing empty these days is the theft of their air conditioners, and copper wiring. Whether a house is left sitting because one had to move, the house is foreclosed on, or the owners are on a long vacation, this provides opportunity for thieves to steal. We […]

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Indoor Air Quality

Improve your home’s health by enhancing the quality of the air inside. Let MekTek of Pensacola bring fresh air into your home, using advanced electronic and traditional air filters that clean the air before it circulates, allowing for cleaner air.

Expert Advice

MekTek Corp of Pensacola can provide professional consulting services for your HVAC questions and installation needs. Let us evaluate what system is right for you, provide a quality installation, and follow up with professional maintenance contracts or on-the-call services.